what do i want?!

i don't like to say i want something...when u're using the word WANT it sounds so demanding. i don't always want to sound demanding....i prefer to use "would"....would says indirect that you "want" something but it sounds softer......(BUT I'M NOT A SOFTIE!!) ...i'm not saying i don't know what the heck i want i'm just saying that i prefer to say it nice..but that does not mean that i'm always nice, either! actually i swear a lot *harhar*
and i can make ur life to hell if i want to...but lucky u ....i'm not that keen on fighting everybody...not even keen on fighting at a time is ok if u know what i mean

o boy i deviate again...i'm sorry u guys but that's something u have to get used to

but actually i didn't even had a theme to write about...just because it's the "about" page doesn't say i have to write about a special theme does it??it's just "about"...whatever i want it to be about....and again.. i deviate...

ok maybe u guys want to know some stuff about me?!
ahhh i know u don't but i'm just gonna tell ya ...all right here we go

most ppl call me anne....some also call me crazy or way2complicated....i actually don't have a fav name....just call me what'cha want (but no mean names,yeah? deal or no deal??? )

if u don't have anything nice to say then just shut up and if u don't like my blog or me then why the freaking hell did u even came on my blog?!

these are the rules i just wrote....*lol*...and thoughts just slip away all the time *unbelievable*

okay about me.....where was i?! o most common name is anne and i'm 17..i have to homes in two completely different worlds one the same planet but on different continents...way to much words for a very short home No.1 is in germany. i life near berlin (if anybody knows Frankfurt Oder or even sieversdorf, the this one is for u : rock on buddy !!
my home No.2 is pretty awesome ,too, and the actual reason why i'm writing english in this blog : Sooke, on Vancouver Island which is , exactly, in Canada!..i just <3 this place and my ppl/ family is just awesome

okidoki i think nobody's erver gonna read all this crap but whatever

but if somebody actually read ALL this crap.......WOW... THX

cya da anne (dubdubdubdubdubduuuu)

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