Deinen Sohn getötet hast du,

Wie geblendet kann man sein?

Glaubst du Thor,

Dass du linderst deine Pein?

Ich nicht dein Eigen

Denn noch immer bin ich frei!

Du bringst Verderben

Für eine kleine Liebelei

28.12.06 13:45

Holla guys!

how r u?
new lay i know...i like it and i needed a change..if not a huge one in my life or anything then why not just a litlle one on my blog...nothing wrong with that is it?

tonite i'll go party in the grotte
sweet sweet sweet HalloweenSWEETS
hopefully i get drunk lol

they usually have funny custumes on halloween right..omg mine was sweet last year in sooke (remember lisa )..evryboy asked us if we're not a little too old for trick'n'treats lol

lol o well then have fun u guys and

don't u miss me too much

bye then
28.10.06 17:22

Why don't we end this lie?

I can't pretend this time

I need a friend to find

My broken mind before it falls to pieces


You'll never close my eyes and watch me die !

23.9.06 19:22

GuTeN TaG iCh WiLl MeIn LeBeN zUrÜcK

nothing to say....just getting some music on my computer and i still have some time to surf in the net .....well an then i suddnly remembered that i have a blog

but what ur gonna do with a blog but nothing to write about except that i talked 106 min on the phone with christina yesterday (holla chris )
nothing to write about....nothing to talk about...

uuuuh..A520 is finally dead...our little jerk finnally dumbed her...realising a little late that he always liked chris more than her...and he couldn't stand it anymore.....


that's kinda funny...even tho it's a little late and she's already back in germany and everything it's nice to know that he finally managed to clear that out and make his point visiable and so on..u know what i'm talking about don't ya :P

oh my i wrote so much already...

better go now...too much...

andhere we go..." analfabeci analfaci YEAH! "...


holla da anne
21.9.06 18:31

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