holla bUtThEaDs!

and again it's been a long long time *rofl*

ok sittin in informatik right we could even start the computer....boah!..unbelievable!seriously i mean!!! what the fuck!!!

okay thats it...that shithead behind me is making me puke...what a fucker dude...

ttyl bye
31.8.06 14:28

HeLlO fUcKeRs!

anne back in germany...didn't write for a loong loong time, eh... i'm so sorry

germany is sweet..a little (quite) disappointed in a few friends....bastards

i was gone for a whole fucking year and ur telling me NOTHING HAPPENED IN THIS GODDAMN TOWN!!!

fuck it! tell that somebody else

stupidia ole!


bOrEdOm DeLuXe

fuck it i'm gone
18.7.06 21:22

5.7.06 03:37

feels like a hundred years but i still can't believe ur gone

so i stay out all night, get drunk and fuck and fight

hey u guys! in one week i'm safely and happy back home in germany.....i can't believe it..i know that in march i couldn't wait to go back but now?
i can't imagine not seeing camryn and stacey every day, not to walk up fat-ass hill and then come in our house, and all the ppl...i'm not gonna see them for quite a while, hopefully i come back next summer...
christina left already on sunday,she went on a rocky mountain tour with her real parents,so we were hanging out on saturday (CANADA-DAY!!!) at the sooke flats....yeah it was fun, the fireworks were hilarious *lol*....."oh!" "ah!"

yeah...i'm gonna miss jinny ,too....even though she's pretty annoying sometimes and is following me everywhere ,she's a nice dog...
yeah...of course i'm gonna miss merle and wyatt too *lol*
o boy that's gonna be weird...

o well stop talking like it's over already! i still got 6 days and it's gonna be fun!
merle's gonna take me whalewatching *jippiii* that's gonna be sooo awesome! i can't wait!!!
and grandma and papa are coming over on saturday to see me one last time, and then we're going to bucherts garden *sweeeet*

jep..and that is how it's ends.....many more to come doesn't work but maybe? ..... hopefully, darling

4.7.06 21:16

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